In 2009, Fang-I Liu came to Los Angeles from Taiwan with unwavering passion and courage to further her music career. Los Angeles especially has provided her with a feeling of constant inspiration and great creativity. Upon first impression, Fang appears unassuming and quiet, but she glows when she smiles, and shines with the brilliance of the sun when she takes the stage and steps up to the microphone. She has surprised everyone she has met with her ability and has proved herself through her amazing work ethic, energy and music talent.
Past LA-IMIS Indie Performers
Dana Williams is an American singer songwriter and musician. She began her professional career in music when, at the age of three she performed the song Heal the World with Michael Jackson at the Super Bowl halftime show. At the age of 10 she was asked to perform with Jay - Z on the Chris Rock Show and was tapped the same year to sing background vocals for JIVE RECORD's Artist Aaron Carter. She quickly engaged the guitar and is an accomplished contemporary and classical player. At Masters she lead her acappella group to the National Finals in Washington, DC where they became the northeast champions. After graduation, she studied music and music scoring at Columbia University and subsequently earned a BA in Music at SARAH LAWRENCE COLLEGE, where she was an award winning and widely published poet. Her lyrics are laced with poetic images and emotions, her beautiful voice is angelic and her songs seem to stir the soul.
Fang-I Liu
Genre: Pop
Genre: Pop
Still The Sky's Limit began as the side project for Johnny B., lead guitarist and back-up vocalist of the now defunct Orange County, CA indie-rock band, The Make Believe. What began during a string of downtime from TMB due to unforeseen circumstances quickly sprang into a bevy of songs that have encompassed the events of the past few years of Johnny's life. Having written an album of music and with the desire to perform, Johnny turned to close friends and fellow musicians Jon Moussalli and Noel Vestri to jump in on guitar and bass respectively. The trio spent the next few months honing their collective skills, (which came together at such a natural progression it was almost shocking) and having done so only needed a final piece of the puzzle to solidify the live line up. That piece arrived soon with the addition of Aaron Kramer on drums. Aaron then spent a few weeks learning the songs and writing drums and Still The Sky's Limit was officially born.
Still the Sky's Limit
Genre: Rock
d is New Alternative Funk 
Non-stop Groove Live! show with just drums and bass 
drummer IS the lead singer!
Genre: Alternative Funk
Welcome to Shane's eclectic world, where music is art, art is music, and everything is creative and original. Shane and his band Sandbox will be releasing their album Me and Him and Horse on March 27, 2012. Each song is a stand alone story or experience, separate from the others for the most part. I really tried to get away from common threads in this album. The process of Sandbox is unique: I write and play all the parts in the recordings. On the new record, I brought in a few specialists to play violins and horns, plus a tap dancer and a 16-person choir. But beyond all of that I play each part you hear, and live I am joined by my awesome band."
Shane and Sandbox
Genre: Alternative
Singer/songwriter Karina Nistal is known to align herself with diverse and solid collaborations to showcase her extensive range. Her work consists of emotive jazz vocals on downtempo tracks, rapping in Spanish for the worldly sounds of reggaeton, or fusing soulful Latin vocals with lively dance music. Most significantly, it is a vibrant charisma that carries over her poetic musings in either English or Spanish, or her self-assured flirtatious rhymes. There's a very fine line between poetry and rap, but it's one that only Karina interconnects with finesse.
Karina Nistal
Genre: Latin Soul
GARLAND's music is a little shoegaze, a little garage rock  it even has a touch of ethereal dream pop. The Los Angeles based four-piece channels the history of indie-rock-n-roll, as their recent, immensely catchy debut album "GARLAND" attests. Upon its release, it won over Ameoba Records (L.A.) and was awarded their Homegrown Record of the Month.
Maurizio Grondona all the way from Italy is a singer, guitarist and composer, now in its eighth album, is that of smooth-jazz, musical language with which it describes with elegance and warm atmosphere of jazzy flavor and fragments of urban reality. He has significant experience in public, having participated in national jazz festivals, including Jazz & D-intorni 1987, Vieste Jazz 1988 Festival Golden Lion of Venice, and the SIM in Milan.
Maurizio Grondona 
Genre : Jazz /Soul
Karlos Farrar, Born and raised on the Eastside of Detroit, is without a doubt the latest sensation to hit the music world. His uniquely smooth & gentle voice, mixed with his Motown influences and “New-School Steez," has the hits that will make you relate and connect to his music emotionally and mentally. This young multi-talented young man is in a musical caliber of his own. He also choreographs,writes, and produces his own material, with some help from his Build Destroy Records Producer Jason Salters "Salty Beats". All these Talents make Karlos such a rare commodity of our time.
Idle Hands are an L.A.-based blues band, six musicians who really dig playing the blues, rock, and rockabilly. Just off the late-night inventive grind of laying down and mixing the razor-sharp tracks for their new album, "On Fire", on the indie label Stingray Entertainment, Paul Van Duine, Vince White, Megan Geraghty, Larry DiPeppe, and Bermuda Schwartz are scaling up the sounds in venues North of the border.
Genre: Blues/Rock
Genre: R&B
Benni Boom officially began his professional music campaign in 2010 when he started working on an album, "SFG - that was released online in early 2011. It quickly began to make noise on the internet and in the underground rap community. Recently, he has released 2 projects, "It's Just Business" and "Rackstar" via iTunes and others stores and has played several shows in the Northern California area. He is currently on tour and working on an album with bay area legend Rappin' 4-Tay. He has worked and performed with many great bay area artists such as; Erk tha Jerk, J. Stallin, the Jacka, Hussulah, Fed-X, Rydah J. Klyde, Celly Cel, Ray Luv, Tac from 51/50, and many more.
Dyles Mavis uniquely blends remnants of both old and new, creating a sound that is as timeless as it is pure. Ranging from elements of R&B, jazz, alternative, and hip-hop to "Hip-Pop", the group boasts in their ability to unite and fuse various musical textures to create their own distinct genre. Now, with more enthusiasm than ever, and with the contributions of an awesome creative team that consist of producers Laythan Armour of Leigharm Productions (Grammy Nominee), Haskel Jackson of Genesoul Productions (4 time Grammy Nominee), Evan Palmer and musicians Myron McKinley (Music Director of Earth, Wind & Fire), Alan Blake (Music Director of the Brooklyn Nets) and Greg Poree (guitarist of “Dancing with the Stars), Jarell Gaines and Doug Smith, Dyles Mavis is ready to take on the world, one ear at a time.
Genre: Hip Hop
Dyles Mavis
Kayla was born in March 24, 2000 in Jersey City, NJ. Her family calls her the millennium baby. KAYLA has been performing since the early age of seven years old. KAYLA quickly learned how to sing in harmony from her Dad and oldest sister. She studies guitar, violin, and dance. In 2011, Kayla auditioned to sing The National Anthem for The US Open 2011 and she won. She shocked the panel by singing her version of The National Anthem and added a little bit of soul to it.
Emoni was born on February 22, 1995, in Hoboken, New Jersey, and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. EMONI was first introduced to music at an early age through Gospel Music. Gospel music opened the doors and EMONI quickly gained interest in all genres of music. At the age of 15, EMONI auditioned for the American Idol season 10. The season American Idol dropped the audition age to 15 years old. EMONI received the gold ticket to Hollywood and made it seven rounds of auditions.
Genre: Pop & Soul
Antonio Vizcarrondo is better known as "A.V." from Jamaica Queens, New York. He is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and producer.  He has performed in places such as Germany, Texas, and Virginia.... and the list goes on. His influences include Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Stevie Wonder, Bob Fosse, Usher, Joe, Janet Jackson, Rodney Jerkins, Quincy Jones, The Whispers, El Debarge, and so many others.
Genre: R&B/Soul/Pop
Two things are for certain eternal life with God and that Hip-Hop is here to stay. With that mantra, hip-hop gospel artist REBORN dug his heels in deep to extend his ministry to transform the youth and young adults to a more purposed-filled life while utilizing this subgenre of gospel music. His next CD release "The 2nd Coming" under Martyr Entertainment's recording label Martyr Music. Endorsed by such high profile pastors like Fred Price of Crenshaw Christian Center and others, REBORN is proving the validity of God in the hip-hop culture and reaching the ears and hearts of these generations.
Bring Back Truth is all about bringing you the truth about life. We write and 
sing about what you feel. We are a new generation Reggae Rock band that is
focused on one thing which is Truth.
Genre: Reggae
Bobby Conundrum is an original four piece band from Rancho Cucamonga, with influences from psychedelic/rock to alternative/indie. The band originated about two years ago.
They have played many shows from small dive bars to big venues i.e. House of Blues Hollywood and Key Club, etc. Bobby Conundrum is all about original, soulful, and energetic music. Their fan base consists of all ages and they hope to spread their music to as many people as possible.
Genre: Rock